Most likely, everyone can have his/her definition of freedom. Lets state freedom as a state of mind. And those, who are truly free, are the ones who are truly alive. Those who turn their dreams into reality, by going all the way down but manage to come back up (again) and keep following their path towards their desired destination. To realize your future vision, you must be able to live with fully 100% in the “now.”

Time is an illusion; basically, there is no past yet future. There is just a “now.” All we have left from the past is memories; we’ll never be able to go back to one certain moment. Just like the future; it’s something unknown that we can’t go to by train or plane or bike, or whatever you would like to travel with. Though, we can influence the future by what we do in the “now.”

All this might sound like “live, laugh, love,” one of those things all of us already know. But still, many of us are not living that exact life they desire. It’s so easy to not do it now and postpone it to that “someday” in the future. Thereby, many are led by other people’s opinions and expectations like our parents, friends, teachers and even people we don’t even know.

Now you’re alive anyway, take it and make it the best story in the world.