It has always been about the small things. Your daily habits determine your future.

There is a talented basketballer called Johny, who wants to reach the top. So he trains each day to get better and gain a higher chance of achieving his dream. Everyone has his/her form of talent. In most cases, these are the things you like to do. When we want to bring these passions to a higher level, focus; persistence; and discipline become a requirement. And for this, you have to control your mind, or everything around you shall control it. Besides, there is a must in learning to appreciate the complete journey including failure, sacrifice, hard work, and disappointments.

You will not get anywhere by wishing results without corresponding actions. Remember, one of these diets you tried to follow that worked excellent, for two days. After, distractions became more compelling than focus. It’s all good, as long as we keep trying. Push yourself to do what you need to do to get what you want. That process itself is already a way to gain more control over the power of your mind. Actions over words and thoughts, always.

Give yourself a daily exercise. Fail. Try again. Train your mind, take control.